Services we provide

Aharah Job Consultancy ensures the selection of the right candidate for the right job, with the right attitude and motivation. Our process begins by understanding our client’s organizational interest, operational structure and operating systems. This understanding we feel, is critical not only for providing efficient services, but also for establishing a satisfactory long term working relationship with our clients

Manpower Consultant

Aharah Job Consultancy is a well-known manpower consultant in Guwahati (Assam). We are engaged in recruiting the staff for companies located in different states of India and abroad. Our recruiting panel interviews the shortlisted candidates on different levels as per the post they’ve applied for. Better Resource Utilization: It helps the companies focus on the area of their core competence. Thus the resources are utilized more efficiently without being diverted into other support activities.

Career Consultant

Career Counsellors can help you make the perfect career plan depending on your area of interest. Our unbiased Career Counselling service can help you make the right Career choices. We provide complete career planning, college planning guidance & complete Study Abroad counselling too.

HR Consultant

Aharah is an HR consultancy service provider in Guwahati (Assam). They fulfill all responsibilities of an HR efficiently like shortlisting candidates, fixing interviews, maintaining a strong communication between management and employees, implementing guidelines on the behalf of management, and much more. The HR consultant understand your company’s motive, goals and objectives, and hire the right people according to your company culture. The business world has proudly accepted this idea and a majority of the companies now outsource the matters of human resource.

Temporary Staffing

Aharah offer temporary staffing Services, where they help clients place their staff on our payroll and completely administer the employee benefit plans for such staff. We can also provide industry standard benefits customized to clients requirements for ensuring parity in employee benefits between company’s staff and temp staff.

Internship Services

Aharah ensures high quality and effective training solutions by safeguarding interest of the individual trainers, also providing them with opportunities for healthy competition that brings out best of trainers. Transparency is followed in our approach towards planning and implementing solutions and this has helped gain credentials among clients and professionals.